About project Earn in JIIT

Earn in JIIT is an initiative by JIItians which enables college students to earn money by doing easy tasks.

Be it a simple task such as photocopy/print-outs or be it a complex one such as app development, Earn in JIIT provides a platform for us, JIItians to work and earn money.

Let's say you have to submit your practical file tomorrow and it is not possible for you to get print outs now. No worries! Using Earn in JIIT, you can post your requirement and mention urgently required. Someone who can get it done will definitely contact you and charge the nominal fees.

Three principles on which Earn In JIIT is based:
1) If you're good at something, never do it for free.
2) Do not sit idle and utilise free time in college.
3) Generate passive income in college.

Technologies Used

Front end - Vue.js
Backend - Node.js and mongoDB

Start Date

25th December, 2018

Launch Date

15th February, 2019

Github Link

Live Project Link